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No Future Shock

Okay, it’s rough to criticise the work of Alvin Toffler, nearly 40 years after he published ‘Future Shock‘. But while Toffler’s key premise – that the shift from an industrial age to a post-industrial, highly technology-mediated society would leave us all feeling rather disconnected and over stressed – may have some merit in terms of information overload, it’s perhaps not quite as stressful. We’ve certainly been living a more connected existence in technologically developed societies since the early 1990s.

Joanne Jacobs explores the evolution of technology into the contexts for engagement of Future Users.

UK Online Centres

A cornerstone of Unsheffield is identifying effective ways to get more people comfortable with using technology. UK Online Centres are at the forefront of providing training and facilities for people to become digitally engaged. They have been key to converting Future Users into able technology users, focussing on delivering practical, life-changing digital literacy skills that [...]

Future Users? Cool Technology?

So who are these Future Users we’re talking about? And what do we mean by Cool Technology? Why should the former care about the latter? And why should we care that they care about it? All these questions, and many more besides, are exactly the kind we hope to understand better at Unsheffield.