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Inspired Ideas Surgery

Share your ideas for engaging the Future Users of Cool Technology onto the Inspired Ideas board in the Unsheffield Forum. Have a look at what everyone else is adding, put your comments, and rate the ideas. Champions of the three most popular ideas will go forward to the Inspired Ideas Surgery to get great advice on how to give those ideas wings.

USE Stimulus Lineup Announced

The submissions have come in, and the final line-up has been decided. Many thanks to all who sent in their ideas and talks. Congratulations to the speakers who have been selected to present on the event theme Future Users of Cool Technology at the inaugural Unsheffield USE Stimulus night at 7pm Friday 19 June.


However impressive a piece of technology is in terms of what it can help us achieve, its usefulness is inevitably limited by its usability. Good ergonomic and human interface design are critical for making software and physical technology solutions that are intuitive enough for people to just get on with effectively using, rather than battling with. TechnoPhobia understand that people drive the software tools they create; their approach to design and development is in absolute keeping with our theme of reducing the barriers to engagement for Future Users of Cool Technology. We’re more than just a little bit pleased that this local company is helping us deliver Unsheffield.

No Future Shock

Okay, it’s rough to criticise the work of Alvin Toffler, nearly 40 years after he published ‘Future Shock‘. But while Toffler’s key premise – that the shift from an industrial age to a post-industrial, highly technology-mediated society would leave us all feeling rather disconnected and over stressed – may have some merit in terms of information overload, it’s perhaps not quite as stressful. We’ve certainly been living a more connected existence in technologically developed societies since the early 1990s.

Joanne Jacobs explores the evolution of technology into the contexts for engagement of Future Users.


So much is going on at Unsheffield that it’ll be nigh on impossible for any single individual to be involved in it all. We’re anticipating over 70 talks and sessions in 4 zones across 3 days. That’s a lot of ideas coming out, and a lot of content building up. We don’t want our participants suffering from information overload, so we’re really happy that Evernote have stepped in to help us capture, share and remember the memories that will form over what’s going to be an intensely creative weekend of innovation and knowledge-sharing.