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David King: Is a Computer Science Degree Worthless?

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  • Started 4 years ago by Daniel King


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  1. Daniel King

    Does society expect you to have the degree before you can do a job in the industry?

    It is possible to learn many of the skills of computer science from other places.

    Its a useful qualification to demonstrate your skills to employers.

    Many developers teach themselves to programme before taking on a computer science degree.

    One former maths student’s experience: very rarely asked to do a task (software development) that he could not have done when he was 14, before he went to university.

    Its about learning the skills to learn, not necessarily how to code in Java, but how to learn any language.

    Examples of people with no formal computer science education getting jobs in the industry after building a portfolio of work and teaching themselves to program.

    Much of the benefit in doing the computer science degree comes from being at university four years allowing you to make connections with others interested in the subject.

    The degree is useful for explaining the high level concepts behind languages.

    University courses force you to work in groups to develop the workplace communication skills you will eventually need.

    Takes a long time to see where the value points were in your degree.
    David King: Is a Computer Science Degree Worthless?

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