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However impressive a piece of technology is in terms of what it can help us achieve, its usefulness is inevitably limited by its usability.  Good ergonomic and human interface design are critical for making software and physical technology solutions that are intuitive enough for people to just get on with effectively using, rather than battling with.  TechnoPhobia understand that people drive the software tools they create; their approach to design and development is in absolute keeping with our theme of reducing the barriers to engagement for Future Users of Cool Technology.

We reckon there are lessons to be learnt from the world of software user interaction that can help us make a better event for you too. There’s rather a lot going  on over the weekend, and most of it we can’t predict until the time comes. The Saturday and Sunday unconference sessions are determined and scheduled by participants during the event – there is no pre-determined programme of talks. Here at Unsheffield we’re committed to making it as easy to follow and accessible as possible so that people can quickly find out what comes on offer and where to find it.

That’s why we’re working closely with the talented folks at TechnoPhobia to conjure up some really useful technology that can clearly communicate the broad range of activities and sessions that will be happening over the weekend.  We’ll use this to broadcast the dynamic unconference timetable, as well as bring the latest buzz from the backchannel into the foreground.

Tying this in with our plans to blog sessions and share the ideas and excitement that the event generates, we hope to make it so easy to fully engage with and make the most of the event, whether you’re actually there or following it online in real-time or months later.  We wouldn’t be able to enrich your experience of Unsheffield in this way without TechnoPhobia’s commitment and support.  It’s an understatement to say that we’re more than just a little bit pleased that this local company is helping us deliver Unsheffield.

Established in 1995 we are leading industry consultants and pioneering developers of user-focused web applications specialising in the public and financial sector. Based in Sheffield, we employ over 60 highly qualified staff including software and systems architects, developers, user experience consultants, project managers and creative designers.

Our services include; strategic consultancy, website design and build, system architecture and integration, software development, security and the pioneering implementation of social and knowledge transfer networking applications. We also provide dedicated secure high resilience hosting and data management.

We are passionate about web development and its ever increasing possibilities and applications. The significance we place on intelligence, openness and quality is reflected in the quality of the collaborative projects we deliver.

If we could choose just two words that sum up TechnoPhobia’s ethos they would be ‘collaborate’ and ‘innovate’ – this is why we are pleased to be sponsoring Unsheffield.

‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.’ Aristotle

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