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Made in Unsheffield: Shacknet holds inaugural meetup

It started off life as an Inspired Idea at Unsheffield and now Shacknet has officially launched with its inaugural meetup. A mouth-watering demo, a call for projects and exciting news about Sheffield's homegrown FabLab project were all on the agenda. Plans for the future are exciting and unfolding - this promises to be a group to keep your eyes on.



Unsheffield 1 has wrapped up

The first Unsheffield has drawn to close. Catch up on all the Stimulus talks, unconference sessions and the Inspired Ideas Surgery from the archives to find out what went on.


Inspired Ideas Surgery
June 21, 2009
By Paul Brabban
Chris Dymond: What can we do with 100 MB/s broadband?
June 21, 2009
By Richard King
Ed Goring: Reinventing the Music Business
June 21, 2009
By Paul Brabban
Talking to Future Users
Talking to Future Users
June 12, 2009
By Dougald Hine


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